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The Data Ethics Decision Aid for researchers is a tool aimed at helping any researcher working with data to reflect on the ethical dilemma's involved at an early stage. It provides this opportunity by asking some open questions that help the participant to think about these issues in a constructive way. The DEDA does not give a complete oversight of relevant laws nor does it give advise on specific data management issues. At the end of the survey, researchers have the opportunity to save or print their answers and use this as documentation and justification of their decisions.

This tool was developed by Utrecht Data School, commissioned by ICON (Institute of Cultural Inquiry) 2017. 
Authors: Mirko Schäfer, Aline Franzke, Lotje Siffels & Iris Muis.

This tool will be constantly improved and adapted, so in case you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to contact



All data that are gathered will be used only for academic purposes online, and anonymized. The data that are gathered remain at Utrecht University. We only give feedback or advise on request. 


Version 2.0


DEDA for Researchers is licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 (


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